Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sketching for fun.....

I just got a new iPad a few days ago, what a fun toy!!  I bought it for manipulating photos and working out new ideas for paintings.... But I got sidetracked with a sketching app!  

There is something so easy about picking it up and starting a sketch! I don't know why a piece of paper or sketch book is different. I guess I feel such a sense of commitment to create something wonderful....I'm not always up for that. If I don't like it.....I need to get rid of the evidence, rip it out and put it in the trash.  When my family hears the rip....they all turn, and of course...want to see what I thought was bad. Its kinda like a car accident.....there is a sounds that everyone will stop what they're doing to look....ripping paper always gets my attention too!  But this silent, no commitment, just delete and start over...sweet. You know, I seem to like everything I draw on it too...I'm much kinder to myself with this little toy!

Okay.... maybe more than you wanted to know about my insecurities, but there you have it.  If you have an iPad and sketching sounds fun to you, download the "Sketchbook Pro" app, it's a lot of fun!!  It's something like $5 .....and  I use a little stylus instead of my finger, an inexpensive one works just fine :)

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