Friday, August 3, 2018

If not now, when?

Paint Mines, CO

It's evening and I'm sitting in my van watching my dog Bailey sleep.  I'm at a campground outside of Yellowstone Park.  I'll head in tomorrow morning and spend the weekend camping and sight seeing in the park.  So I thought I'd write a blog post and show some of the places Bailey and I've been the past few months. We started in Alaska and my husband drove down through Canada with us.  He got us safely into Washington and needed to get back to his job.  So from there, Bailey and I have been roaming around and stopping to visit friends along the way.  We drove though Washington state, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming... and after Yellowstone Park, I'm headed to cooler weather and a hot meal with my favorite two people on Bainbridge Island.  

You know how a house dog looks generally clean, living in a furnished home with soft couches and pretty rugs, a clean water dish, regular meals ... it's fur is tidy and brushed, trimmed nails, a bright,  clean collar around it's neck.  Now picture what this dog looks like after it escaped under the fence and ran around off the leash for a day and night.  You find your's been running around like a wild animal for 48 hours, dried mud on it's paws, maybe a scrape on it's face, fur is all wild and messy.  There's a wild look in your dog's eyes, maybe it doesn't come to you immediacy when you call it's name.  

Well, I'm feeling like that dog right now.  The one that's on the run.  Especially the hair part. :)
When I finally get to Seattle...I'm going to have a shower, and scrub up a bit!
I'm going to put conditioner in my hair, and it's gonna feel soft when it dries.
Wear some clean pants and a fresh t-shirt ....lotion, I'm gonna put lotion on, without the thought of  dust clinging to it.  I'm having a moment, I'll admit it.
Tomorrow morning I'll wake up, have some coffee and a banana, and then I'll go explore Yellowstone with my dog and my camera :)

Thanks for reading...I'll check in again soon.
Get out and play this weekend!  If not now...then when?

Fort Casey, WA

Grand Teton National Park, WY

Utah...close to Flaming Gorge

Utah, near Dinosaur National Park

Port Townsend, WA