Thursday, November 17, 2016


36" x 48", oil on canvas

This past month, I've been experimenting with just smearing some paint.

Usually I have colors in mind when I set out to paint something.  So I thought, wouldn't 
in be cool to just start playing with the paint?  No direction in mind, just let the painting 
steer itself.  This was fun, engaging and relaxing ...almost like a meditation.  

Funny, I went into it this with the idea that I wouldn't have to "Think"....turns out, 
I was aware during the whole process.  There was no auto-pilot with this one.  If I wasn't working the colors, I was playing with shapes, contrast and textures.  And I love that each person that stopped in front of it, means something different to each of them.  

No one asked me questions about it, they just began telling me what it reminded them of, or what it looked like to them.  I LOVE that!!  Something so lets people interact with it in such a personal way.  I'm not imposing MY interest on them (well....except for colors)
They can relate it to anything they love or are interested in.  
It doesn't have to be a big statement about me and what I'm trying to say or what I'm interested in.

I really love that part.  
So...expect to see some more of this.  Every now and then, I'll have to take a brake from old stuff and girls wearing goggles!

Thank you for looking!  Enjoy the day! 
We're alive!!  That's something to be very grateful for.
The dream isn't over yet.....get out there and play!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Boxer

"The Boxer"

Another example of my letting go and allowing some truth to come through.

I had a master plan on this painting.  This was the quick beginning that I was planning to add to.
I had an image of someone already in my head ....kind of a "Bring it" moment... courage, in the fear.  An idea that kept presenting itself, and I wanted to capture it, in a painting.

So a friend of mine graciously said yes to model for the painting. 
(even though it was totally out of his comfort zone)

This quick beginning, the part I thought was just a rough draft to what was to come....well, this was the "jewel".  This was the gift I was given that day, but I threw it away!!!   I painted over top of this....and let's just say, it was an epic fail.   After this start...I tried to paint a look that wasn't there.  I tried to paint a person that wasn't there....ignored the kindness, playful nature, more vulnerable look coming back at me.

I'm so glad I took a photo of the painting... before I began my painful effort of "Trying" to paint something that wasn't there.  
This is a painting of the person that was in front of me.

I was so lost in my "idea", that I didn't see.... 
I got what I'm usually after, I tapped into a tiny piece of the guy in front of me.
A good lesson for me, 
stay open...let go...things may not go as planned, and that's a good thing!!!

Thank you for looking!
and reading ...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Drawing people

Drawing someone in front of me....I find it difficult, but of course......  the challenge is still fun.  

Most of the time, I'm trying to capture a tiny essence of who I saw.  My quick, rough gesture drawings capture so much more than a can get when I have time to think and "try" to draw correctly.  I like the drawings I've created in less than 20 minutes.....the most success I've had, in my opinion, are the 1- 5 minute sketches.  They might be only a few lines, but they can say more than a drawing that I've worked the technical aspects. What I win in technical points, I usually lose in emotion, capturing movement or their personality.

The more I go on pure instinct, leave my inner critic back at home, the more "life" there is in the drawing.  That inner critic...she's such a pain!  
She's always hanging out with me, but she doesn't get to vote as much as she used to :)

Thank you for looking!
Have a great weekend! 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Friday!

"Cold One"
11"x 14", oil on canvas

Happy Friday out there!  Here's a cold one on me!

Beer enthusiasts you know what kind this is?  I didn't work at any 
letters or words....but, I did try to be accurate with the color shapes and it's surprising
 how many people knew just what brand of beer this was!  

I bought a 6 pack of these about a month ago...trying to bribe a few guy friends into 
posing for a portrait painting.  Shameless....I know...I'm not proud of it.
I have a lot of practice painting women, but not so much practice painting men.

I have a few of my husband and son...but I was curious to see what venturing out 
and painting others would be like.  It was a nice experience, and it was fun to hear their stories and
 to try capturing these kind people in paint.

Thank you for looking and reading!
Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Show Time

"Show Time"
24"x 24", oil on canvas

Did I tell you I was born in Las Vegas?  I was.  
Neon, music, live performances,'s deep inside me, 
and sometimes a little needs to come out.

I like circus stuff too.... clown paintings, I like velvet clown paintings.
Okay, confession is over.  You know too much.

Thank you for looking!  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Speak Up"

"Speak Up"
11"x 14" oil on canvas

I just love old things.....and I absolutely love shiny metal/ chrome old things.
So, needless to say...gazing at this old microphone was just hypnotizing
 for me.  It makes me think of old theaters, velvet seats, popcorn and my date's hand on my leg
in the dark (public... but somehow private)  space.

When I'm in my own world, painting..... it's transporting.
Good vacation. 

Thank you for looking and reading.  :)