Monday, March 10, 2014

Fresh paint....

I'm not sure of the title to this'll tell me soon enough.
I have it all blocked in and it ready for more today.

First I need to do other duties...hardware store.... get shipping tape and box cutters...make boxes
and ship some paintings.  Create some sketchbooks at Office Max...a great tip from Darrell Anderson  
on how to make inexpensive sketchbooks, so I'll sketch more!! The ipad is great for sketching, but what if a collector wants to buy my sketch?  Of course that happened on my first sketch!  The universe is screaming at me and sometimes I am so stubborn.  But when I'm shown what I cannot imagine on my own, then it sinks into my thick head! blah...blah...blah....

Moral of the story....I should burn through as much supplies as i need to get where I'm going!
Use more paint!!  burn through the canvases!! Use more paper!! paint until a brush goes bad, toss it and grab a new one!  Phew, that felt good.  I went crazy with the exclamation points...but its worth it.

I seem to love taking the long route when I learn....

Thank you for looking and reading my little art dilemmas :)

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