Wednesday, January 20, 2016


16"x 16", acrylic on canvas

I paint with acrylics once a week now...the rest of the time I'm very happy with my oil paints.  This is the still life from today's lesson.

I have a student that wants to learn to paint... in acrylics.  I warned her that it would be an experiment... the paintings she likes of mine are all in oils.  She thinks I can do anything.  It's so nice seeing someone have that kind of confidence in me, so I have to rise to the occasion.  I'd hate to spoil the illusion.  

It's great practice...all that color mixing..over and over... 
I'm learning a lot myself!

The upside side is....The painting is already dry!
How cool is that?!

It's really cool  :)

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday night drawing sessions

There is a Tuesday night drawing session in downtown Anchorage.
From 7:00 ~ 9:30, nude model, 18 yrs of age minimum....bring your own instruction, 
just a group of us 
working on our drawing skills, 
all levels welcome! 

The session takes place at  ACAL, 225 E 5th ave, Anchorage.  Entrance is in the alley. 
Cost is $15 per session, or you can purchase 5 sessions for $50.

It's a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow!  
Come draw with us!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Warm winter day

Oil on canvas …size 16" x 20"

The temperatures have been so mild lately, the snow has melted and old dry grass is everywhere.
This time of year, that yellow, dry grass looks like gold to me.  Its so dark and grey at times in the winter, that my sensitivity to colors gets intensified…what I need to see comes to life.

I'm not sure if the day was quite this brilliant when I went out to paint, but to me it was…
that's what painting is all about…painting what we see, filtered through our eyes, heart and mind.

I used a new plein air painting box, well, its an old one, but new to me.  It's quick to set up and I can paint bigger now, outside.  Its called a yarka, and so far…I'm loving it!

Too fun!!  Thank you for looking!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Night painting...

Night painting
 12"x16", oil on panel

Night painting is fun.  There's something really great about being out painting, at night in the dark.
It reminds me of childhood….playing outside in the winter, after dinner…it was always dark.
I used a book light this time.  I pointed it at my canvas and palette…worked great!

Thank  you for looking!!