Friday, June 29, 2012

Just finished

24" x 36"  oil

I just finished this one.  I like how it turned out.  I have a thing for goggles, gas masks and really anything with metal or chrome against your face!
I love the contrast of soft colorful flesh against something machined and masculine.
I've always loved contrast......high contrast black and white photography was where it started in my tender, teen years.  Then contrast with I love contrast of color and subject matter next to each other. just have to admit it....gas masks are so cool!  They're very symbolic to me.

Thank you for looking!

A few small paintings....

6" x 6"  oil

6" x 6"  oil

"Yellow Mug"
6" x 6"  oil

Monday, June 25, 2012

Figure/people paintings

"Fiona in Goggles"
18" x 24"  oil

"Waiting for Mr. Right"

30" x 40" oil

"Fiona in Red"
18" x 24"  oil

"Fresh Pizza"
16" x 20"  oil


"Pretty in Pink"
24" x 24"  oil

A few recent paintings

"A Race to the Finish"
11" x 14"  oil

"Another Scoop"
12" x 12"  oil

detail of "Waiting for Mr. Right"

"Enameled Pot"
12" x 12"  oil

"Old Flame"
12" x 12" oil

"Apple in Cool light"
8" x 10"  oil