Monday, September 15, 2014


My trip was wonderful...2 weeks in Italy painting and playing.........and eating.
I'm ready to look for property for sale over there...haha...that's what happens when I really enjoy myself..... I start looking at the real estate market and imagining myself in a whole new setting.
I'd have a Vespa, that's for of the oldies, painted in a pale bluish green color.  I'd make pasta and use fresh vegetables from my garden, with olive oil on top.....and I'd eat warm, fresh picked plums everyday......sigh.....

Okay, I had a great time.  The other artists I went with were sweet and funny, their spouses...sweet and fun....the artist that was teaching the workshop, great!! (Darrell Anderson....amazing should check him out)

I had a dream the night before we started painting....I was struggling with an was trying to bite wanted to harm me. At the end of the struggle and dream....I escaped.  The next day, I began painting in a way that I've always wanted to paint.....loose...juicy.....with my heart, not my mind.
I love all the paintings I came home with!!  I love them!! 
I needed to go halfway across the world, be with new people in a new place to find this.

And to think, it all started this January with a daily picture calendar about Italy....too cool!!  

This was painted on the side of a small road, in Montisi, all fairness, most of the roads are small over there.... 

I'll post some more Italy paintings soon.
Thank you for reading and looking!