Thursday, April 17, 2014

Campbell Creek

"Campbell Creek"
11"x14" oil

I'm trying to get the hang of painting outside.  Something as simple as getting my gear together and heading out the door can be a deal breaker.  If it takes too long.....I might not go.
So I have a bag that's packed and ready to go...that makes it easier.  Actually...right now the trunk of my car is ready to go!  I just need to grab my keys and head out.  
I like it. 

I love being outside.  I can spend a little too much time on a walk these days.
So painting outside is such a nice way to get two things I need....
nature and one fell swoop.

Well, here's my newest attempt at this.  Thank you for looking and I'l share more as it comes!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


This started out as a drawing....then I added watercolors....then went after it with an ink pen.
When I started it was a drawing of my mannequin in my studio, Fiona.  After I got done it didn't look like her as much as it did my mom when she was in her twenties.  I have a black and white photo of my mom and dad from the 50's.  Its sitting by my computer and I look at it everyday.  Its funny how images make an imprint on your mind, without even realizing it.  The body and clothing was Fiona, but when I drew the head and mom's image came out of my hand.  I didn't notice it until I took the photo and looked at it on my computer.......I love these little surprises.   

Thanks for looking and reading!