Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Night Painting….my new hobby

I took a two night workshop with artist Susanna Coffey last week at the Anchorage Museum.
I loved it!  She was very inspiring…and had some great ideas on how to compose a night painting and thoughts about night painting in general.  I used oil paints, and we all had a headlamp…so we could see our palette and painting.  We would find an interesting spot to sit, with a view we were inspired by, have our palette in our lap and with one hand holding the painting, with the other, a brush to paint with.  It was a pretty simple set up…a very simple way to find a moment to be outside and do a small painting….even if the day was busy, we can still take a little time to do a small plein air painting at night.  

It's cold at night, but I do love being outside in the dark.  That time is usually reserved for walking my dog around the neighborhood…but now, there's something else I can do :)  

If you're going to try this fun activity, I will pass on the rule that we learned from our artist/teacher Susanna….. when you're done with your night painting, don't look at it that night, in a lit room…the rule is to save the first viewing for the next day.  I liked that rule… it works for me.

here are few other night paintings from Alaska….

Downtown Anchorage, looking from inside a warm museum (I won't always be this lucky)

Here's my little collection of night paintings.  I recommend it!  You may find you love being out in the night, painting ….soaking up the quiet.

Thank you for looking!!  

and if you would like to see some of Susanna Coffey's night paintings go to her website!