Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Plugged In

"Plugged In"
oil, 16" x 20"

Okay...finished her last night.  I like how this painting turned out.  Although I do think the lighting in my studio is so blue that it affected the color I saw and how I painted her skin.  It works....but I may not want the same look in my next painting.  Its wonderfully bright in my studio, but I can see this light is always going to lend a cool light to my paintings....not the warm glow I may want in others.

If you walked up to my studio at night....the light coming from the windows is so blue...
it almost looks like someone is welding inside!  I was going for "day light" bulbs, but I think I took it too far.  Back to Ace Hardware store!  I kinda love going there anyways...it's in my neighborhood...they recognize me, we work well together :)

At times, I've thought of working there....I could see myself as a hardware store girl.
It's very comforting being around all the tools, parts and pieces to make anything you want. 

I'll stick with painting for now.  

Thank you for looking!

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