Sunday, February 23, 2014

Salon International

8" x 24"

I am excited and honored to have been accepted into this year's Salon International!  I will have my painting "Sheltered" hanging in the Salon International this April at the Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas!  The juror this year is David A. Leffel....thank you David, for choosing one of my paintings to be a part of this wonderful show!!

Check out The Greenhouse Gallery for more information....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Madrona Tree

Madrona Tree
12" x 16" oil

Alright....we don't have these in Alaska!  
My first morning on my trip to Bainbridge.....I'm sitting on the deck having morning coffee, and down below in the yard is this wonderful tree!  The bark is's old and leaning out over the bank 
~ trying to get to the beach.... like the rest of us!  

When the sunshine hit this tree... the areas with the bark peeled away, glowed a beautiful shade of orange and some reds.  I knew I was going to paint this beauty! 
I found inspiration to paint everywhere I looked.

I love that about traveling....everything is so new and exciting...I want to paint it all!

Thank you for looking!

Sunset on Mt. Rainier

"Sunset on Mt. Rainier"
8" x 18" (estimated)

I'm on a trip and painting.  I have a glorious view of Mt. Rainier from my deck.
a few days ago..... the clouds moved and I saw it standing there....kinda blew my mind!  I had no idea it was there.  I was so focused on the view of Seattle from across the water.  
Sunset was minutes away.
I set up and then....tried to keep up... with the ever changing colors!  Right when I thought..."This is amazing!  I'm sticking with these colors and slamming it in" then the sun would inch a little further down.....and the pinks started glowing in front of me!  I switched gears...mixed the color I saw and just frosted it on over top....haha. I didn't want it to smear in and make mud.  Sometimes a girl needs a pallet knife to lay it on thick :)

I'm happy with this one.  I'm happy with this whole painting trip!  I have met the kindest people giving and friendly....most feel like old friends that I've gotten back in touch with.
What a nice surprise!  And...I feel my artwork is about to change a bit.
Feels like a pivotal moment for my paintings......I've learned some things that I really needed 
from an artist here on the island, Darrell Anderson.  
(pick on his will lead you to his blog and more information on him and his beautiful artwork)

I thought the plan was to come here and be alone with my thoughts...and just quietly paint.
But.... not the case.  I now know I came here to meet new friends... and feed my mind/ heart with new information for my paintings.  I love when life pulls me where I'm supposed to go.  I don't like making ALL the decisions.  Just point me in the right direction and surprise me!

Thank you for looking ....and reading, lol.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


not too sure about size....somewhere around 8" x 14"

This is my very first Sunrise painting!  I can't believe I got up at
That's what I affectionately call..."the middle of the night".

I sat and drank my cup of coffee and slowly woke up.  I got my set up and paints together and by 7:30am....looking at the horizon and smearing paint.  What a wonderful way to start my day!
Maybe I'll become a morning person?  As long as I don't have to make conversation before 10am, 
I could see it happening.

Thank you for looking!