Saturday, June 13, 2015


11" x 14" oil on canvas

My husband and I go for walks in the evenings, on one of these walks I saw a small, empty 
rum bottle…...nice label…...thick green glass.  I imagined some flowers in it, looking cute on the kitchen table.  My husband is very sweet…he watches me pick up junk and try to get it in my pockets, sometimes he'll carry things home for questions asked.  He knows I have a plan...I love that about him.  I got home, gently cleaned up my new bottle.  I went out on my deck and cut a stem with blossoms off my geranium …voila!!  
Operation Cuteness ...Accomplished!  

I placed the bottle proudly on the kitchen table...…hmmm ….but then this thought occurred to me,
 I have teenage boys.  Will they now feel a positive, fun attitude towards rum bottles….
Are they going to think… loves rum bottles…. 
"lets go get us some rum bottles!"

You know that sound that tires make when they come to a screeching halt?  
I heard that sound in my mind.

So guess what?  It became a great still life subject!

I cut a piece of canvas and pinned it to a cork board ….just a quick painting…no commitment….fosters the "just playing around" attitude while I paint. (which is a great trick for ensuring a painting you'll end up really liking….and wishing you used a stretched canvas, lol)

Moral of the story…..
The less pressure I put on myself…and the more fun I have,
 the more I'll enjoy the finished painting.
I create my best when I'm having fun!

Thank you for looking and reading!  
I hope you have a creative day!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little Sheds

I have been having fun plein air painting this summer.  
Sometimes, picking the perfect spot takes more time than the painting part….kinda silly really, there's great stuff to paint everywhere…but when I have the choice of it all, I get kinda choosey.

This is a great spot not far from home…a lake with small sheds along the shoreline, looks like a small village to me, and the sheds are colorful…and for me, that's all the more fun!

My plein air system is made by an artist in Arizona, James M. Coulter.
I love it.  I bought the medium sized box. It's quick to set up and take down, it all fits in a duffle bag….I have a nice amount of mixing space for my paints….it works well for me!  Here's the sight where you can find more specific information and even order one for yourself, if you like!

"Sheds"  12" x 16", oil on board.

Thank you for looking!