Saturday, November 12, 2016

Drawing people

Drawing someone in front of me....I find it difficult, but of course......  the challenge is still fun.  

Most of the time, I'm trying to capture a tiny essence of who I saw.  My quick, rough gesture drawings capture so much more than a can get when I have time to think and "try" to draw correctly.  I like the drawings I've created in less than 20 minutes.....the most success I've had, in my opinion, are the 1- 5 minute sketches.  They might be only a few lines, but they can say more than a drawing that I've worked the technical aspects. What I win in technical points, I usually lose in emotion, capturing movement or their personality.

The more I go on pure instinct, leave my inner critic back at home, the more "life" there is in the drawing.  That inner critic...she's such a pain!  
She's always hanging out with me, but she doesn't get to vote as much as she used to :)

Thank you for looking!
Have a great weekend! 

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