Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Music Video....okay, its really an oil painting video

Okay......painting was fun, but creating this little 3 minute video
was the highlight of my day.

I woke up Sunday with no ambitions....no creative projects on my mind, just sipping coffee and enjoying the extra hour I got from daylight savings.  Did I wake up at 10am? nope! I woke up at 9....aaaahhhhhh, that was wonderful.  So, sipping coffee.....talking with my teenage son about music mixing.  He has a new favorite group that mixes their own music "Blunted Beatz".  I asked him if there was an app for music mixing.  I love music....maybe I could mess around with mixing....you see I'm kinda an artsy A.D.D.....I love learning....creating....trying new things.... I dabble in a little bit of everything.  I'm surprised I've stayed focused on painting for so long, it must be the real deal for me.  But.... its the weekend .....so time to play with something else.

I downloaded an app called Music Maker on my iPad....plugged in my headphones and played.
Pretty soon I had something that was about 3 minutes long.....I loved the sound of it!! I played it over and over....I was wondering what else I could do and the thought occurred to me, I wanted to have a video of one of my paintings , in the process of being painted.  And the rest of my day started.

I got my iPhone....set it up in front of my easel, set up a still life....painted...filmed.  Into the house..
loaded it onto my computer, opened up iMovie ....trial and error'd my way into having a 3 min 
video, with my new music...and I uploaded it to youtube!

 That's a goal I've had for about a year now and it happened on a day that I had 
no intentions of doing anything but relaxing.  
I love when I relax, quite my mind and things fall into place....easy peasy.