Wednesday, July 29, 2015


22"x 28", oil on canvas

This whole painting was inspired by the colors of sunlight
 within this glass jar….me, trying to capture all that glorious color!

If I try again, would something new happen?  Would I see the colors the same way?  
I know the shapes could shift…that part I'm not too fussy on.  But the colors,
would I see and mix them the same way on a different day…different mood?

Recently I had someone want a painting that was already sold.  They asked if I could 
paint them another one just like it.  I said I could try….see how it turns out and let them know.

Even though they're almost identical, I can see the emotional part of it is gone, in the second painting.
The inspiration, that was there in the beginning…it's only in the first painting.
It's like a science fiction show….the cloned painting doesn't have the personality 
that the first did.  Maybe I'm the only one that would notice it in my own work. 
The inspiration, the spark…. the love…it's so important to a painting.

Its the main reason I don't paint commissioned pieces….
from someone else's photo.  It might be a wonderful picture/subject…but if it didn't 
tickle my brain….it might not turnout very well. 

Anyways…I do like this painting…and I won't try it again, 
cause I have something else I'm inspired about today :)

Thank you for looking…and reading!
I appreciate it :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What if?

"Pink Raven", 12"x 16", oil on canvas

What if some ravens were born pink?  And had black and white striped legs?

I'd love that, because that would add a great punch of color all over Anchorage, Alaska.
In the winter (which is almost outlawed to talk about in the middle of summer up here) but, I'll do it anyways…cause I'm feeling rebellious today!  In the winter... all the color drains out of the frozen north for so many months.  If ravens were hot pink, the road sides, parking lots….McDonalds dumpsters, street lights…would have this wonderful color calling our attention.  At sunset, the color would shift and glow with ….maybe purples?  Or glowing around the ravens silhouette... yellow? warm coral, oranges?  Something to think about.

I'd love to see it... that's all I can say.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

What would I paint if I knew no one would ever see it?

I have been reading Dreama Tolle Perry's blog lately.
First thing that needs to be said, I love her paintings!  All that juicy, bold color, gorgeous!….Second….I love her writing and her thoughts that she candidly shares with us.  
These blog posts have been making me think about my own art, and 
where it's taking me…where do I want to go with it?

I read a post called "Two Questions "
(here's a link to it…you may want to ask yourself the same two questions…..
in what you love to create in your world)

She asks us…. if no one was to see what you create, would you still create?  My answer was yes, I know that much about myself.  But the thing that has me wondering is another question,
if no one was to see it… ever…. WHAT would you create, are you doing what your heart loves?  
For me the question says…. Am I  painting what imaginary critics might like in the future?  
Or... am I painting what my heart wants me to paint and having fun in the Now?

Which leads me to the painting above…
I think I would rather paint her….paint gas masks and goggled women…
I don't know why…I just feel like I'm playing and having fun when I paint fiction.  I allow myself time to do this in-between my "serious" paintings.

So….my question…. 
Am I denying my heart by not spending everyday painting these funky paintings?


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sleepwalker, by Kevin Elson

My brother Kevin has been entertaining me my whole life with his stories, his writing…and his humor!! I am so proud of him. Today he has made one of his life's wishes come true, he has published his first novel!!!! 
I created the book cover art…..I'm so proud to ride along on his coat tails! :)

Kevin Elson

"In the haunted Victorian beach town of Cape May. New Jersey a middle aged man begins sleepwalking again and discovers he can interact with dead. What happens next is a spiritual journey to reclaim his destiny and save the lives of his family."

For sale at Amazon…download the Kindle version …$2.99
click here

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beach Beauty

"Beach Beauty"
 oil on board

I was missing the feeling of watercolor painting lately…all drippy, with it's transparent colors.
So this started out as a burnt umber drawing with very wet, thinned oil paint and a fairly big brush.

Then, of course, I wanted to play with adding some color….
just in some areas…give the girl some pow!

I had fun :)  I do my best work when I'm having fun, 
am I repeating myself?  I bet I am….but its cause I think we all do our best creating
when we are knee deep in what we love! 

I love these girls I paint with their colorful hair and goggles
…I'm not exactly sure why…. I just do :)
Makes the painting part feel effortless.

Thank you for looking and reading!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wild Roses

"Wild Roses"
24"x 24"  
oil on stretched canvas

I have to say…with my paintings….. 
I'm just going where the wind takes me lately, 
and I'm really enjoying the flowers this summer!
So here's a new close up of wild roses, sitka roses is the variety 
I know them by.  I have a few 5 foot bushes at my house, 
and they smell amazing right now!!!

At the beginning of August, I'll be having a show at an 
awesome chocolate shop in Anchorage, AK…called

So I'm putting together group of paintings that 
mean "Summer" to me…this is one if them.  

Thank you for looking!