Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lead by example......

"Head in the Clouds"
16" x 20" oil

Lead by example…..

I love who my dad was....exciting, adventurous, funny, loving and also just very down to earth and playful.  He was always chasing a dream and making fun things happen! I admire those qualities about him…I'd love to see more of that in the world.

I need to lead by example….be like him!  Go out and live the life of my dreams and let people watch me do it.

I want my boys to see everyone can do these wonderful things and everyone in their own way can live in their own adventure.  We don't have to watch from the sidelines and just admire others…we can go out and do it too!!!

Okay.....just thinking out loud,
thanks for checking in with me.

Go out there and live the life of your dreams people!!
Lets do this!!