Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Boxer

"The Boxer"

Another example of my letting go and allowing some truth to come through.

I had a master plan on this painting.  This was the quick beginning that I was planning to add to.
I had an image of someone already in my head ....kind of a "Bring it" moment... courage, in the moment....no fear.  An idea that kept presenting itself, and I wanted to capture it, in a painting.

So a friend of mine graciously said yes to model for the painting. 
(even though it was totally out of his comfort zone)

This quick beginning, the part I thought was just a rough draft to what was to come....well, this was the "jewel".  This was the gift I was given that day, but I threw it away!!!   I painted over top of this....and let's just say, it was an epic fail.   After this start...I tried to paint a look that wasn't there.  I tried to paint a person that wasn't there....ignored the kindness, playful nature, more vulnerable look coming back at me.

I'm so glad I took a photo of the painting... before I began my painful effort of "Trying" to paint something that wasn't there.  
This is a painting of the person that was in front of me.

I was so lost in my "idea", that I didn't see.... 
I got what I'm usually after, I tapped into a tiny piece of the guy in front of me.
A good lesson for me, 
stay open...let go...things may not go as planned, and that's a good thing!!!

Thank you for looking!
and reading ...


  1. Are you on Etsy at all? I love your work and your blog! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Courtney! As of now...I do have a shop on Etsy, but I don't have anything listed right now.