Tuesday, March 18, 2014


"Waiting for Spring"
24" x 36" oil

This one was painted a few years ago, but it hangs in my house and is meant to be for the family,
a self portrait.  

So... because it hangs in the living room...I have the chance to look at it every day.  She kept whispering to me what she wanted.  I tried to ignore her.....tried to concentrate on the movie we were watching, or the book I was reading....but my eyes would drift over to where she was.  I'm a good listener....it took me years to get to it, but last night in the studio.  I did as I was asked. 

 You wouldn't know these things, unless you live with the painting and listen to her talk everyday!  The sky became a little warmer...her skin softened and warmed a bit on the sunlit side....petals floated and began to lay on her head and shoulders...her smile softened.  Ahhhh..... she's happy......I'm happy...it all worked out.  She was right...she's better this way.
Don't you just love to create??!!  Me too!!

Thank you for stopping by...looking and reading!
I appreciate it.

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