Saturday, July 18, 2015

What would I paint if I knew no one would ever see it?

I have been reading Dreama Tolle Perry's blog lately.
First thing that needs to be said, I love her paintings!  All that juicy, bold color, gorgeous!….Second….I love her writing and her thoughts that she candidly shares with us.  
These blog posts have been making me think about my own art, and 
where it's taking me…where do I want to go with it?

I read a post called "Two Questions "
(here's a link to it…you may want to ask yourself the same two questions…..
in what you love to create in your world)

She asks us…. if no one was to see what you create, would you still create?  My answer was yes, I know that much about myself.  But the thing that has me wondering is another question,
if no one was to see it… ever…. WHAT would you create, are you doing what your heart loves?  
For me the question says…. Am I  painting what imaginary critics might like in the future?  
Or... am I painting what my heart wants me to paint and having fun in the Now?

Which leads me to the painting above…
I think I would rather paint her….paint gas masks and goggled women…
I don't know why…I just feel like I'm playing and having fun when I paint fiction.  I allow myself time to do this in-between my "serious" paintings.

So….my question…. 
Am I denying my heart by not spending everyday painting these funky paintings?



  1. Paint your heart. Your heart will change. I'm about to post 'Cactus' which I enjoy but I doubt many others what....

    1. Thank you Darrell, you're right…what I love to play with in thought does shift from week to week! NOw I need to zip over and read your cactopus blog post! Your blog is always fun to read!

  2. That was c a c t o p u s. It was ungraciously corrected for me.....

  3. I agree. Be you. Much more interesting and unique.

  4. I agree. Be you. Much more interesting and unique.