Wednesday, July 29, 2015


22"x 28", oil on canvas

This whole painting was inspired by the colors of sunlight
 within this glass jar….me, trying to capture all that glorious color!

If I try again, would something new happen?  Would I see the colors the same way?  
I know the shapes could shift…that part I'm not too fussy on.  But the colors,
would I see and mix them the same way on a different day…different mood?

Recently I had someone want a painting that was already sold.  They asked if I could 
paint them another one just like it.  I said I could try….see how it turns out and let them know.

Even though they're almost identical, I can see the emotional part of it is gone, in the second painting.
The inspiration, that was there in the beginning…it's only in the first painting.
It's like a science fiction show….the cloned painting doesn't have the personality 
that the first did.  Maybe I'm the only one that would notice it in my own work. 
The inspiration, the spark…. the love…it's so important to a painting.

Its the main reason I don't paint commissioned pieces….
from someone else's photo.  It might be a wonderful picture/subject…but if it didn't 
tickle my brain….it might not turnout very well. 

Anyways…I do like this painting…and I won't try it again, 
cause I have something else I'm inspired about today :)

Thank you for looking…and reading!
I appreciate it :)

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