Sunday, June 30, 2013

Morning sun

14" x 8"  oil

Okay, this is painted on clear plexiglass.  My outdoor paintings have been fun to paint,
but when I bring them indoors....all the color seems to drain out of them.

An amazing plein air artist, Darrell Anderson, has been helping me out ( Thank you Darrell!!!)
  He said to "try putting a sheet of plexi-glass over the painting and paint it with colors pushed bolder and use the style of whoever your painting "hero" is."
I loved doing this.  just like he had told me, the pressure of messing up is gone.......
 and I just played!

Very fun!  I'm going to try this with a bunch of my paintings!!

Darrell is an amazing artist, and he also teaches......
He lives in the Seattle area, and teaches often at the 
Winslow Art Center on Bainbridge Island!

Check out his work.....just beautiful! 
Sings with color!!

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