Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Roses

July Roses

I was playing with a pallet knife on this one.
I'm tired of looking at my brush strokes....so out came the pallet knife!

This rose bush is on the corner of my house.  
Somehow it's managed to grow in spite of moose munching on it all winter and spring.
 Over the years it's grown to be about 6' tall.....in spite of all the munching and pruning.
What a survivor!  The roses are so pretty and they smell wonderful.  They're in bloom now for a few weeks and then they'll bloom again at the end of the summer.
This is the first time I've painted them.

This is #9 of my plein air paintings.....I'm going for 200.
That's my goal.  I have a ways to go. 

Thank you for looking! 

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