Thursday, June 6, 2013

Clouds on my mind again!

Clouds #2
5.5" x 14"  oil

I was very distracted by clouds all last summer.  Size, shapes, mood, color ~ I wanted to paint them,  take photos of them, describe them to people.  I found myself pointing them out to everyone...talking about it to you on my blog.  Then one day, as mysteriously as it came , the distraction quietly crept out of my mind, I don't know when.
Yesterday, it came back.

Last night I had a great view.  The wind was blowing and the clouds were moving and shifting, 
I gave it my best shot and painted a quick as I could.  I finished a couple small studies last night out in an open field.... then I went home, warmed up and went back to take a bunch of photos.
Clouds are so cool.

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