Thursday, May 30, 2013

My work week.....

"Lunch with my Peeps"
12" x 16"  oil

I was walking my dog yesterday morning before work, thinking......what if I got up earlier?
Think of how much I could do before my work day even begun!
I can't seem to find a regular time to paint.  It's like that wonderful treat, that takes last place 
when other things need to be done.  But yesterday.....while walking my dog.....I thought, maybe I could be a morning person, maybe I could paint in the mornings before work?  

I met a wonderful artist in Easton, Maryland....Stephen Griffin, we were having a beer and talking about art and painting.  I was asking him how he got to the level he's at (he's a master at impressionistic landscapes and life like portraits)  He told me I need to paint my 200 paintings!  That's what he did.

"What do you mean?  200 paintings?"  I had an idea.......get out there and practice.  He said he and a friend got up everyday at 5am and painted...never skipped a day!  Their paintings improved dramatically over a few months.

He said I need to paint my 200 paintings, then throw them in a pile and burn them....then go paint 200 more!  Okay, I got it....paint...paint...paint!  Of course that's the only way I'm going to go to the next level........paint my way there. 
 I have been hearing this message from a few other accomplished artists too.  

So yesterday morning.......I thought, maybe before work I can start working at that goal of 200 paintings! 

When I got to work, I found out that my work days are going to start at 12 noon, instead of 10am.  I kinda feel like the universe just arranged things for me after hearing my thoughts on my walk..........knowing I'm not really good at the early morning thing, this will be a good alternative.

So that's my new goal 200 may not see them all,
 I want to be able to paint without fear.  So I'll show you the ones I'm happy with along the way :)

 My advise to you......go for a quiet walk and tell the universe what you want,
 then watch what happens next.  


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