Monday, May 20, 2013


Another older painting, this was a watercolor done before I started oil
painting.  I made it into a little greeting card and sold them.

It was inspired by my love of vintage trailers.  I had found one about 10 years ago, an "Artisotrat", made in the early 60's.  I bought it from an artist that had been using it as a studio for a while.  He made a real impression on me, although I can't remember his name.  I took my husband downtown to take a look at  the little trailer and we bought it within the hour.  A little gem!  This was the first time I ever talked with someone that I could have sworn I've known all my life, and yet we had never met before.
An interesting moment I'll never forget.

I daydream of finding a little airstream to park in the back yard....doll it out and use it as a guest bedroom in the summer months :)

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