Tuesday, November 21, 2023

1st in a Daily Painting series


Family Time
6"x 6" oil painting on board

Well, here we go! 

I figure, if I announce to my corner of the world that I'm trying to create a habit,  I'll hold myself accountable... and I'll try my best to stay with it! I'm hoping to paint small, frequent paintings. I'd love to give myself permission to paint loosely... quickly and jump from subject to subject, and this feels like a fun way to do just that.. and a fun experiment to try!

I've known about the Dailey Painting movement, but I haven't felt the pull until recently.  There are so many incredible artists out there painting on the daily.  They report that they're learning so much, enjoying  the creating process again, and creating new opportunities around what they love to do... Yes, Yes,  and Yes! Sign me up!

As of now...I feel like the list of paintings I'd love to create is so long, that it kinda stifles me.  Which one to do first? Do I have time to create the image I have in my mind? Will it be a part of a group theme? Where do I store all these paintings.  I can get overwhelmed by the ideas and what to do next.  So painting  a small painting a day (or close to daily) gives me more room to experiment and get back to playing with paint.. not take things too serious and intimidate myself with each project.  So, that's my new goal.
Thank you for checking in and looking!  I appreciate your company.
Wish me luck :)


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