Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Friday!

"Cold One"
11"x 14", oil on canvas

Happy Friday out there!  Here's a cold one on me!

Beer enthusiasts you know what kind this is?  I didn't work at any 
letters or words....but, I did try to be accurate with the color shapes and it's surprising
 how many people knew just what brand of beer this was!  

I bought a 6 pack of these about a month ago...trying to bribe a few guy friends into 
posing for a portrait painting.  Shameless....I know...I'm not proud of it.
I have a lot of practice painting women, but not so much practice painting men.

I have a few of my husband and son...but I was curious to see what venturing out 
and painting others would be like.  It was a nice experience, and it was fun to hear their stories and
 to try capturing these kind people in paint.

Thank you for looking and reading!
Have a great weekend :)

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