Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunset on Mt. Rainier

"Sunset on Mt. Rainier"
8" x 18" (estimated)

I'm on a trip and painting.  I have a glorious view of Mt. Rainier from my deck.
a few days ago..... the clouds moved and I saw it standing there....kinda blew my mind!  I had no idea it was there.  I was so focused on the view of Seattle from across the water.  
Sunset was minutes away.
I set up and then....tried to keep up... with the ever changing colors!  Right when I thought..."This is amazing!  I'm sticking with these colors and slamming it in" then the sun would inch a little further down.....and the pinks started glowing in front of me!  I switched gears...mixed the color I saw and just frosted it on over top....haha. I didn't want it to smear in and make mud.  Sometimes a girl needs a pallet knife to lay it on thick :)

I'm happy with this one.  I'm happy with this whole painting trip!  I have met the kindest people giving and friendly....most feel like old friends that I've gotten back in touch with.
What a nice surprise!  And...I feel my artwork is about to change a bit.
Feels like a pivotal moment for my paintings......I've learned some things that I really needed 
from an artist here on the island, Darrell Anderson.  
(pick on his will lead you to his blog and more information on him and his beautiful artwork)

I thought the plan was to come here and be alone with my thoughts...and just quietly paint.
But.... not the case.  I now know I came here to meet new friends... and feed my mind/ heart with new information for my paintings.  I love when life pulls me where I'm supposed to go.  I don't like making ALL the decisions.  Just point me in the right direction and surprise me!

Thank you for looking ....and reading, lol.

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