Wednesday, January 15, 2014


6" x 8" oil

I was out in my studio cleaning up yesterday, and I found this painting. The painting the post before today's, I was painting a sunset on my porch.  Well, after I was done and having a cup of coffee inside my warm kitchen......the last burst of the sunset was lighting the sky on fire.  I looked out the window and it had gotten crazy beautiful!
How could I stand there and drink coffee while a gift was being presented to me?  My set up was all still sitting there......I thought I might have about 5 minutes of that color,  so I got back out there and quickly captured my impression of what I saw.

It's always a choice.  Should I enjoy the beauty in a quiet way, just look, breath...soak it into my mind.
Or.....should I climb inside the beauty...feel it the best I can?  

That's a tough choice.....but I love these little moments.  I had no idea I would be asked to make the choice when my guard was down and sipping my coffee!  and that's how life is....I love it.

That day I asked the universe......"show me how to paint it!"
I'll sit and soak it in peacefully another day :)

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