Thursday, September 19, 2013

Night paintings.....

"Midnight Call"

I love the quiet mystery of night paintings. 
Night time is full of mystery to me.  Walking my dog at night....passing by 
homes and warm light glowing in the windows.  I imagine families settled in for 
the night, kids are doing their school work, families are watching 
movies together, a romantic evening for couples.....I let my imagination drift.

I was alone, on a trip to Washington, a few years back, 
and this lonely phone booth looked like a beacon, 
trying to draw me your husband, he misses you..... 

I went back to my hotel room and called him on my cell phone!  What was I thinking?
How romantic to call him at this phone booth.....
So I painted it.  
Next time I'll call him from the phone booth, and paint it!

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