Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Old Flame"

"Old Flame"  
oil painting by Marianne Elson

I painted this vintage blow torch a while back.  I love old metal stuff!  I don't know why.... I just gravitate towards it....a moth to a flame.  If I was in an antique store, and on the shelf in front of me was something metallic and rusty.....and right next to it, was an intricate porcelain vase.  I would zero right in on the metal thingy.  I'd have it in my hands in no time.  Why is that?  What is it about old chrome...rusty tools....and tarnished silver that lights my heart on fire?  I have a small collection of old blow torches....I don't know why.  I just love them.  I love the smell, the touch...the sight, and they don't need to be in great shape....I actually prefer that whatever it old and dented.  It needs to wear it's history.  
Secretly....if I walked into some old farmers garage or barn, my head would spin.  I'd be trying to take it all in at once.  That's an idea!  What if I took my oil paints and easel..... planted myself in some guys old garage and painted for a whole weekend...drag a bunch of canvases with out of pizza boxes, Chinese take out and just paint any metal car part, old bike wheel, old metal springs...any treasure I laid my eyes on!  That sounds like heaven to me....

On the flip side.....I have a real thing for polished chrome too.  Old cars, motorcycles and bumpers, dash gauges, door handles, light assemblies...trim.  LOVE IT.

And don't get me going on vintage toasters and kitchen appliances......  Okay, enough!  I'll stop.  
I could go on and on, but I will show some restraint.

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